Charlie Chang

Hello! I'm Charlie, a professional photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychobiology in 2014, and am now running multiple businesses in the area. Photography remains one of my biggest passions, fueling my creative side and allowing me to meet so many fantastic people in the process. I bring about 10 years of photography experience to the table. My work focuses of bringing out the beauty of people - I specialize in headshots, portraits, and anything with people in it. I have extensive experience working with talent agencies in LA and creating successful + strong headshots for models and actors, through my company Castmark Headshots. I also do corporate work and film.

I currently shoot with high-end Canon and Sony equipment.

Quick Facts

Agency represented model in Los Angeles

Owner of CHVRG, RightChoice, & Castmark Headshots

I love sushi!